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Benefits of Leasing a Peugeot

Leasing a Peugeot means you would be driving a brand that is a European staple, as well as benefiting from the following:

+ Affordable premium brand
+ Stylish design
+ Models available for all walks of life
+ Latest technology
+ Comfortable driving
+ Full manufacturer warranty
+ Drive a better car for your monthly budget

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Leasing a Peugeot

At Leasehub we offer you the best lease deals on all Peugeot models and specifications. With our latest Peugeot leasing deals, exclusive to Leasehub, you can tailor your new Peugeot to suit your lifestyle and your pocket.

Peugeot's history dates back to 1810 as family run business with a steel foundry that made hand tools, kitchen equipment and bicycles. In 1889 Peugeot built the company's first ever car, a rather unreliable steam tricycle - far removed from the cars they put on the road today. When thinking of Peugeot, not many people would associated the brand with racing, yet it has a rich history in motorsport, competing for over a century. They have had their fair share of success, too, winning the World Rally Championship five times, the Dakar Rally seven times and the 24-hours of Le Mans three times.

If you wish to discuss leasing a new Peugeot or any of our contract hire offers, please feel free to reach out to our proud team of Leasing Specialists are on hand throughout your journey and provide a service that is second to none. Contact them at or you can call 0330 024 6406.

Did you know that the Peugeot 208 was awarded 'European Car of the Year' in 2020?

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