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Benefits of Leasing a Hybrid

Leasing a hybrid car offers you the chance to be friendlier to the environment, as well as the following additional benefits:

+ Lower running costs
+ Reduced fuel bill
+ Avoid congestion charges
+ Avoid depreciation risk when owning
+ Tax incentives for company car users
+ Avoid range anxiety
+ No need to plug it into the mains

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Leasing a Hybrid

At Leasehub we offer you the best hybrid lease deals on all hybrid models and specifications. With our latest ULEV leasing deals, exclusive to Leasehub, you can tailor your new hybrid car to suit your lifestyle and your pocket.

Hybrid cars combine an electric motor with a combustion engine to produce less emissions. Not only will you have a warm fuzzy feeling from doing less damage to the environment than with a conventional car, your running costs will also be friendlier on the pocket. The main power source for your car will still be drawn from what you put in it at the pump, but the electric motor means you will need to put in a lot less. The electric motor will obtain its power by converting heat and kinetic energy from the car breaking or from a built-in electric generator. Driving a hybrid offers you a limited amount of the emissions and additional range benefits associated with a plug-in hybrid without the need to plug your car into a mains power source.

Most major manufacturers offer a hybrid engine with their model range so finding a greener car to meet your needs should be easy. Ultra-low emissions vehicles (ULEV) are becoming more and more popular with over 16,000 hybrids registered onto the UK roads in March 2019 alone. This trend is set to continue with estimates stating 9,000,000 hybrid-powered cars will be on the roads by 2030.

If you wish to discuss leasing a new hybrid car or any of our contract hire offers, please feel free to reach out to our proud team of Leasing Specialists are on hand throughout your journey and provide a service that is second to none. Contact them at sales@leasehub.co.uk or you can call 0330 024 6406.

More range less fuel

The biggest advantage a plug-in hybrid has over a normal hybrid is the additional range you have to drive on the electric motor alone. This reduces your fueling costs and emissions even further. If the range runs out you still have a combustion engine to kick in and keep you moving until the next charge.

If you are already considering a normal hybrid then a PHEV might offer you even greater advantages.

More range no fuel

Going fully-electric offers your even more of the emission reduction benefits and on the road savings that a PHEV offers with the absence of a combustion engine and the need to fuel it. You will glide around time using only the power from your battery packs and quietly saving money as you go.

If you already like the idea of having a hybrid then why not maximise the benefits by going fully-electric.

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