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Here are the good bits

Leasing offers an affordable way to drive a brand new car without the need to buy one. As well as being able to drive a brand new car full of the latest technology every few years, leasing offers you the following additional benefits:

+ Avoid asset depreciation when owning a car
+ All-in-one monthly cost with a maintenance package
+ Drive a better car for your monthly budget
+ No haggling over price
+ No hassle in selling the car at the end
+ Save your savings with a low upfront payment

Knowing all these benefits of car leasing, why wouldn't you lease a new car with Leasehub?

I'm sold. Let's go!

What's included with a Leasehub lease?

With leasing, you get more than a just brand-new car at a great price from an industry leader. You also get:

+ Full manufacturer warranty
+ Breakdown cover
+ Road tax
+ Service and maintenance package (optional)

Every car we provide comes with a full manufacturer warranty, protecting you from unexpected mechanical failures. Our cars can also come with manufacturer-supplied breakdown cover (if applicable) which protects you in the event of your car breaking down at the roadside. They'll get you moving again or take your car to an appointed local garage. We can also offer you an optional service and maintenance package which takes the hassle out of servicing, with a fixed monthly cost and the added benefit of covering tyre wear (package dependant and t&c's apply).

What else should I consider?

Despite our enthusiasm and all the reasons why you should lease a car, there are considerations

+ Excess mileage charges apply for going over your contractual allowance*
+ Damage charges may apply so make sure you return the car in good condition
+ Terminating your contract early will incur a significant charge
+ It is a credit agreement and you should be sure it meets your needs
+ You don't own the car**

*If you do think you will go over your contract allowance then most finance providers allow you to do something called novating your contract. This means increasing your mileage allowance to avoid an excess mileage charge in exchange for paying an increased monthly rental.

**If you prefer to own a car outright then leasing isn't for you as you have to give the car back to the lease company at the end of the contract.

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